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Joining the WCTT family is a commitment. It is not only a commitment of the performers but, a joint commitment by his or her family members as well. All families are required to provide support. That includes fundraising and volunteering your time. 

Please remember that we are all volunteers and each performance takes everyone's combined efforts from start to finish. 

Children 10 and under are required to have an adult with them at ALL TIMES. 
 - This is a parent or another adult that has agreed to be at practice and responsible for your child(ren). This can NOT be an older sibling in the show that will be focused on practicing their own scenes and would be unable to monitor the younger child(ren). 

Each year we have from 70 to 120 children involved in our shows. This precaution is for your child's safety as well as all others, and to ensure that our practices are productive and time is spent working. This is non-negotiable. If you can't be there for your child, make sure someone else has accepted the responsibility.

All children must sign in upon arrival. A representative will set up a table and be waiting to check attendance 10 minutes prior to each rehearsal. DO NOT DROP CHILDREN OFF MORE THAN 10 MINUTES EARLY. Enter the building with your child to ensure that they sign in and get to the proper location. If your child is 10 or under, you must remain in the building or have a representative present. If your child is older than 10, you may leave your child in our care after signing in. 
Some practices will include a mandatory Parent's Meetings. This means that a parent must be there. If none are available, it is the parents responsibility to have a representative there to collect handouts and updates in their place. 

Please arrive to pick up children approximately 20 minutes before scheduled rehearsal end time. With this cast size, it is difficult to predict how long a practice will last. There are many times when we finish early. As we are all volunteers and have additional activities to get to or complete, we appreciate the opportunity to leave as soon as possible. 


We understand that children can be involved in multiple activities and have other events that they need to attend that may interfere with rehearsals. Please keep in mind that you are making a commitment to the troupe and everyone involved in the show. When characters are missing during rehearsals, it affects the entire process.  

We encourage active participation and attendance at our rehearsals. In order to avoid confusion on attendance issues, we are implementing the following policy:

A. Attendance is mandatory with the following exceptions:

1. Prearrangement. Please notify us via CONTACT BUTTON ABOVE at least 24 hours before your non-attendance. 

2. Unexpected illness. We understand this happens and your child’s health is important. 

Tech rehearsal and performance attendance is mandatory for cast and crew, no exceptions, unless hospitalization or death of a family member. 

If your child drops out of the show, please notify us as soon as possible. 
Also, parents, please do not force your child to be in the show. Uncooperative and unhappy children are difficult to handle. 

It is important that we receive all information about the children from parents only, either verbally, in writing, or via e-mail.

Finally, if your child does not appear for three (3) rehearsals, without notification from the parent, he/she will be dropped from the cast list. 


Facebook is our preferred communication forum. Each Fall, a new "secret" Facebook group for internal communications between cast, crew and orchestra families will be created.  If you are a current member or are a parent/guardian of a current member, please make a request to be added to the group using . Remember to include your name, the way it is listed in Facebook, and your email address. If you are a parent or guardian please list your child's name as well. 

Please check Facebook often, especially before leaving for practices. Due to unforeseen events such as funerals, the location can move at any time. It may also be adjusted to the high school when we get closer to the production dates.

We will also have a Remind Account to send any last minute changes to rehearsals or show locations or times. 

Practice and Event Locations

Our performances and tech week practices will be held at the Waynesboro Area High School. This space is rented and is expensive. We are very fortunate to have Waynesboro Church of the Brethren that has been generous enough to share their facilities with us for practices. 

Waynesboro Church of the Brethren: 117 South Church Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268

We are very thankful to the church members who allow us to use their space. It is important to remember that we are guests in these buildings. Please do not allow your children to bring food, snacks or drinks other than water with them to practice. 
Contact Us
Please Note: 

The contact button on this page will reach the Directors and our Parent volunteers who monitor attendance. 

This is the ONLY process to use when notifying the team of absences or if you will be late for practice.